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Love/ka is a handmade customized work of authorship that represents a front part of the Ploper construction, in fact being a bedhead. Love/ka is suitable for all types of beds. It is constructed to individual dimensions of a client’s bed. The construction is made based on a bed size, constitutions of a man and a woman, color preferences for materials and illumination.

Love/ka is created to improve your bed, make it more comfortable for relaxation, turn intimate fantasies of a couple into reality, give you new feelings while making love. The Love/ka construction is registered at the patent office.

The model is decorated with a silver mark of the author "AE" - "Alexey Elegechev".




An unusual decoration for a bedroom called "Dominator", that represents the bedhead of "Adam"– a bed gadget to make the most intimate fantasies come true.

Perfect quality and splendid materials -

varnished wood and leather carriage screed, encrusted with exquisite stones.

An incredibly luxurious thing to impress, excite and impel to passion and romance.

An exceptional work of authorship, unique in each minor detail! We provide each couple with an individual approach: as a posh prom dress – the construction is made with regard to your constitutions.

We also consider the shape, the design and the size of your bed. The construction will help you achieve maximum comfort and harmony, give you the brightest feelings while making love.

To create a romantic mood we provided the construction "Dominator"  with ultraviolet and classic light illumination, and a table for heating drinks to stir up your fantasies.

Enjoy the silhouettes of your bodies in a cozy semi-darkness, liberating yourself and giving full reign to your erotic desires.

The construction is a great choice to refresh the sexual life of a long-standing couple and to impress a new passion of a single man…

Production time: a month or longer

The Price of the Constructionstarts from: ______ USD

Gold inlay




The bedhead of Lilith, called "Mistress", is an absolute apotheosis in the sexual life of an uninhibited and confident woman, who would never tolerate routine and monotony in her bedroom.

An exquisite work of authorship, luxurious materials and the highest quality in each minor detail. Leather, varnished wood and, at the will of the customer, an encrustation with gems.

«Mistress» is a mystery, but when exposed, it becomes an object of excitement and haunting envy.

This splendid thing will make an intimate life brighter and more diverse, love – more sacred and more unchained than ever, a bedroom – the favorite place at home. “Mistress” will fire up your passion with a permanent partner as if you’ve just met, and if you’re still single, it will do away with all rivals in his heart and in his bed.

We consider your individual constitutions, as well as the shape, the design and the size of your bed.

On the left side of the construction is a mirror table of the “Mistress” – just for the case if she wants to indulge herself and take something for a dizzy effect and more confidence for sexual experiments…

“Mistress” is not only an original unique piece of furniture and interior but much more – long hot nights and the object of envy that is actually not for public discussions…

Production time: a month or longer

The Price of the Constructionstarts from: ______ USD

Gold inlay

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